Current Date:May 27, 2024
TPSCheck, most recent product of Visian Systems and an excellent choice to help in telemarketing campaigns

TPSCheck: Your Ultimate Solution for TPS and CTPS Compliance

Even in the age of the internet, telemarketing campaigns are still a valuable tool to help businesses sell their products. However if you are a company operating in the United Kingdom, it’s not as simple as calling people or corporate to announce your products. Some laws protect consumers who do not wish to be targeted in these telemarketing campaigns. It’s why the TPS and CTPS exist. To help businesses comply with the UK’s laws and respect consumers, we have developed TPSCheck. It is an easy-to-use and excellent solution for companies to deal with TPS and CTPS.

What are TPS and CTPS?

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) are official UK registries. They allow individuals and businesses to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. By listing their numbers, they signal a preference against receiving cold calls. It’s a legal mandate for organisations to respect these registrations, ensuring a disturbance-free communication environment.

TPS is a free service that allows individuals in the UK to opt out of receiving unsolicited marketing calls. Individuals can register their landline and mobile phone numbers with TPS to indicate their preference not to receive such calls. It is illegal for organisations to make unsolicited marketing calls to numbers registered with TPS unless they have obtained explicit consent from the individual to contact them.

The same applies to CTPS, designed for businesses and corporate entities. They can register their telephone numbers with CTPS to indicate their preference not to receive unsolicited marketing calls. Just like with TPS, it is illegal for organisations to make unsolicited marketing calls to numbers registered with CTPS without obtaining prior consent.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office is responsible for enforcing these regulations. Organisations that violate the rules by making unsolicited marketing calls to numbers registered with TPS or CTPS can face fines and penalties.

Our Solution: TPSCheck

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring the credibility and compliance of your communication channels is paramount. Utilising TPSCheck doesn’t just offer a technical solution but a strategic advantage. From safeguarding against potential legal repercussions to enhancing your outreach efficiency, the benefits of using TPSCheck are manifold and substantially impact the trajectory of your business operations.

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Dive into the multifaceted advantages that our platform brings to the table. TPSRegister’s robust API ensures seamless integration for businesses of all sizes, providing real-time verification of phone numbers against the TPS/CTPS database with details on validity, location, type, and provider. Designed for scale, it can handle both individual and bulk requests efficiently. With a keen focus on data security and backed by a dedicated support team, our API offers a reliable, efficient, and secure solution for all your phone number verification needs.


Choosing TPSCheck is a smart decision for anyone looking to stay updated and compliant in the UK’s telemarketing environment. Our database refreshes daily, ensuring that users always access the most recent and accurate results. Beyond just TPS status, TPSCheck also offers insights on phone validity, location, type, and provider. But it’s not just about data accuracy; it’s also about ensuring your organisation remains within the bounds of UK laws. By using TPSRegister, you can confidently navigate the telemarketing landscape, steering clear of potential heavy penalties and keeping your operations smooth and reputable.

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