Current Date:June 24, 2024
Visian Systems' list of the tech trends for 2024

Best 5 Tech Trends For 2024 You Must Pay Attention

We are running a little bit late but happy 2024! We from the Visian team wish to everyone a very productive and successful year. Especially for those who share our passion for technology. In 2023, we began the year talking about our perspectives for the software development market. We want to keep this tradition. That’s why we’d like to start 2024 by listing the Top 5 tech trends you should be paying attention to this year.

So let’s not lose any more time and jump directly into the list. Of course, this will be a summary of the five more interesting trends we selected. If you have interest in a more thorough article, we recommend you Deloitte’s 15th annual Tech Trends report. It’s free to download and can start reading after our Top 5.


There is no better place to start with than artificial intelligence. AI has been one of the most discussed topics for the past year, even outside the technology bubble. 2023 was already a year of heated debate about the impacts and implications of generative AI software to create texts and images. And it will probably continue in 2024.

There is no doubt that AI has the potential to revolutionize our lives, both on a personal and professional level. Integrating AI into our daily activities will make them faster, more efficient and more productive. However, there are valid concerns highlighting the need to regulate this technology to ensure it won’t cross the limits of ethics in our work environment.


Although there are a lot of misleading uses of the word ‘quantum’, but when we are talking about computers, this is a very feasible technology. A quick explanation: quantum computers use properties of quantum physics to store data and perform their calculations. They are useful in fields where you collect and analyse large amounts of data, like finance and healthcare organisations.

The main reason quantum computing is trending relates to how it will affect our current state in cybersecurity. Current encryption standards face serious threats that demands algorithms more resistant to attackers empowered by quantum computers to secure systems and private data.


We mentioned in our latest article how cybersecurity is a priority every single year. Today won’t be different. As you saw in the previous topic, cybersecurity will remain as one of the tech trends for 2024. The software and hardware development sectors are an ever-growing field. Changes arise fast, demanding companies to research and develop new bespoke defence mechanisms.

We expect cybersecurity will continue to evolve just as other technologies are improving. For instance, AI and Machine Learning are valuable allies in threat detection. It’s a sure bet they will be a mandatory standard for the industry to garantee safety for companies in general and their users base.


This term could be strange to people not updated with tech trends, but it is easy to understand. Extended reality covers all the immersive technologies like virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In the future, we may write an article detailing their differences. But for today, we only need to understand that extended reality has a diverse set of applications.

In education, for instance, they can facilitate immersive learning experiences, from exploring historical events to conducting virtual experiments. The impact of extended reality technology will bring unimaginable potentials for gaming, architecture, design, and employee training, transforming how people interact with digital content.


In recent years, the tech industry has focusing on eco-conscious innovations, emphasizing sustainable materials and circular design principles. This alsho should be a trend for 2024. Electronic devices are now meticulously designed with recyclability and minimal environmental impact in mind. Manufacturers are progressively adopting closed-loop production processes, effectively reducing electronic waste and lessening the extraction of finite resources.

The shift towards sustainable tech yields significant environmental benefits, and we are also expecting notable transformation in consumer preferences. In 2024, there is a growing inclination towards a more conscious and responsible approach to technology consumption, with businesses and individuals prioritizing sustainability as a fundamental aspect of progress.


To conclude our discussion of today, as we are steping into 2024, the technology landscape promises to be dynamic and transformative, with five key trends standing out prominently. Generative AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity, extended reality and sustainable technology will be the centre of our attention and will spark debates over their implications.

The potential for revolutionizing both personal and professional aspects of our lives is evident. But it also highlights the need for robust regulations to ensure ethical boundaries as a pressing concern. It also calls for developing mechanisms to assure our systems and data safety. Thanks for your reading, and again, we wish you a great year!

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