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Tech Trends 2023: What To Expect For This Year?

A little bit late, but happy new year! As we prepare ourselves for 2023, the digital world and the technology market also start to organize themselves to attend to the potential demands for this year. So what we’d like to do today is discuss 4 main tech trends for 2023. Of course, no one can predict the future. But if we are talking about the economic and technological market we can observe patterns in later months. This is possible to define a path where they are heading.

AI and the metaverse are both trends that keep being the centre of public and private discourse. And as the world becomes more aware of environmental threats, sustainable technology will continuously push forward. Finally, cybersecurity is another topic we cannot ignore as we head ourselves to become an even more connected society.

In the following topics, we will give more details about each of these trends.

Tech Trends #1: AI Art and Text Generators

AI technology is not exactly breaking news. It is already part of our daily lives for the past decade. But in the last months, we saw an increase in AI-focused software getting popularity with the general public. AI apps such as ChatGPT and Magic Avatar were both trending in late 2022. Other image generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are continuously improving with each update.

Possibly new software will be developed and launched for the first semester of 2023. AI is not something we’ll use for e-commerce and/or social media algorithms, now it can expand to new markets. For this new phase of the technology, we can expect more empowerment in the creative processes using AI as an augmentation tool.

But not everything is positive. Artists are being very vocal against some of the current AI applications. AI-generated art has received a lot of backlashes. The artist community criticizes the technology of stealing and profiting off their work. So there is a legal and ethical discussion to be made around the evolution of AI technology.

Tech Trends #2: The metaverse

Meta, the new front of the formerly known Facebook, generated a lot of scepticism towards its feasibility as a business model. But things could change for this next year, A 2022 survey showed that 66% of executives report that their companies are actively engaged with the possibilities of the metaverse.

Consumers are also optimistic about the future of the metaverse. At least half of them showed interest in becoming active users. But we shouldn’t limit ourselves only to this specific product. Since virtual reality spaces are now an actual and feasible technology, as we can observe the investments mostly in the game development sector, the metaverse will have a lot of competitors.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll be able to properly immerse into a VR space anytime soon. That’s a complex technology that will take time to become accessible to the public. And we still need to address a lot of issues and potential risks that come with the metaverse and metaverse-like products such as cybersecurity, user privacy, accessibility, and others.

Tech Trends #3: Sustainable technology

More than ever we’ve been discussing the impact of human activity on the environment, leading to climate change, an increase in health problems and other threats. So for the last years and decades, environmentalists advocate for the use of cleaner forms of energy. But not only that, sustainable manufacturing strategies are now a factor companies need to consider in their business models.

And that’s not a concern for only more traditional enterprises like oil companies, car manufacturers, the textile industry, etc. Telecommunication, electronics and software engineering companies have also to think about the environmental challenges the world is facing.

For instance, cryptocurrency and by extension the entire blockchain development field are largely criticized because of their intensive energy consumption costs. So any new startup that wants to partake in this new market will have to pay attention to forms of cleantech to push their companies towards the more progressive world.

Tech Trends #4: Cybersecurity

With a way more connected world than we were at the beginning of the 21st century, cybersecurity is an always-discussed type of topic. Digital crimes are even more common than they were in the first years of the internet. Cybersecurity companies, although not as commented as the big techs we are used to seeing in the news, will keep getting more and more necessary for other businesses and individual users.

And these companies will also have to improve their systems to protect themselves from online attacks. LastPass, once thought of as one of the best new players in cybersecurity had a worrisome data breach in December.

Governments around the world are already pressuring big techs to the regulation of their activities towards user privacy and stakeholders are demanding more security for the company’s tools. This is the time for third-party cybersecurity startups step up their game.


As 2023 starts, the world is reevaluating what will be the centre of the discussions in the technology industry. We already can see trends forming in the later months and here at Visian Systems we are already preparing ourselves for the new opportunities this year will offer.

AI-focused software, the evolution of the metaverse, the push for sustainable technologies and cybersecurity are a few of the topics to pay attention to. And you? What do you think will be the trends for 2023? Please let us know in the comments below or contact us here or at our website. And, once again, a happy and hopeful new year for everyone!

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