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Eswatini’s COVID-19 Vaccination, ou project with the Luke Commission organisation

Luke Commission: The Project That Made A Change

“Our Stories” is a series of testimonials and cases about the experience of working at and working with Visian Systems. These are the stories of our current and former employees, clients & partners and short descriptions of our past projects.

With this series, we want to show you a more personal and human side of Visian Systems, while also presenting you our culture and the values we create through our relationship with clients and employees.

The worth of a project

One thing we come to learn as a company is that a project’s worth should not be measured only in terms of the complexity of the system. Nor how much profit it can generate. The social impact must be taken into account as well. At Visian Systems we had projects ranging from creating and helping to maintain a simple website to developing complex applications that are the core of a determined organisation.

The Luke Commission project showed us that something very important. A project as “simple” as creating a database can have an enormous impact. Not only to a company, but to an entire country. And we will be always proud to have partaken in this initiative: the Eswatini’s COVID-19 Vaccination.

The distressful year of 2020

“The world has changed”. Fiction repeats this clichè quote a lot. But that became our reality since the beginning of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak affected people’s lives, companies and even governments which struggled to take effective measures to contain the virus. In our company the effects wasn’t to big. That’s because our team was already working with the home office years before the pandemic. But of course, it had a big impact on our personal lives.

That’s the reason we got so excited when the Luke Commission project got on our hands in 2021. And later we would become very proud of our work. It was our chance to make a difference and to help in such a serious public health hazard.

The project

Luke Commission is an organisation providing healthcare services to serve the most isolated and underserved areas of the Kingdom of Eswatini, a small country in Southern Africa. They serve as a centre for digital solutions, compassionate medicine, and leadership development. The organisation works with a resilient team of over 650 staff members to cover all the country.

Our collaboration with the Luke Commission team came from the development of a database to store vaccination data from the entire population of the Kingdom of Eswatini. Not only that, but we were also responsible to create an SMS notification system to send updates about the individual current vaccination status.

We started and delivered the project in 2021. Since then, we kept supporting the amazing staff of the Luke Commission and we aim to extend our collaboration as long as they need us. That wasn’t one of our biggest projects in the terms of technology and scope, but surely is one we will remember throughout all our history with a sense of duty and pride.

Eswatini’s COVID-19 Vaccination showed us that the impact of our projects can go way beyond our expectations. We can do a meaningful effect on people’s lives in times of crisis. We hope to have more opportunities like this and keep creating solutions to bring the quality of life to regions in need.

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